Governance Architects
A management consulting company that provides strategy and planning, business design and transformation services

Our client successes
We have worked across the financial services, public sector and NFP sectors. 
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Public sector 
We have worked with the public sector civil justice, criminal justice and emergency management systems.
NSW Department of Justice

Courts and Tribunal Services

Corrective Services

Juvenile Justice

Office of Emergency Management

Rural Fire Services NSW

Justice Services 

Anti-Discrimination Board

Births Death and Marriages


Trustee and Guardian

Victim Services

Governance Architects has addressed various client challenges.

Strategy blueprints 
Australian banks invested in our services to get clarity on their aspirations, where and how they should compete and win and the steps required to get there.

Digital strategy 
NSW Department of Justice asked us to write the Department's digital strategy. We wrote the central Department of Justice digital strategy, 5 x division level digital strategies and 10 x integrated digital strategic plans across the civil justice system, criminal justice system and emergency management system;

The Head of Digital in an Australian bank applied our digital target operating model, using it to map areas of low capability and create a compelling case for change.

Strategy and strategic planning
CEO of DAWN asked us to facilitate the development of their business strategy and strategic plan.

Organisation structure and integration
An Australian bank completing a major re-structure and integration used twenty of our operating model blueprint designs to support their decision making.

Investment prioritisation 
An Australian bank's investment committee uses our enterprise capability models and several operating models to align its decisions.

Translating strategy to execution
Australian banks use our enterprise capability models comprising of value chain, corporate support service and resilience capability designs to support the translation of strategy into execution; 

People engagement
An insurance company engaged Governance Architects to develop ten target operating models to strengthen teams focus, people engagement, fast-track performance and identify rationalisation opportunities.

BU engagement
An insurance company's HR team engaged Governance Architects to develop a customer centric service portfolio that supports engagement with other business units.

Operational change 
An Australian bank's Operations lead utilised a Governance Architects deep-dive operating model to overlay skills, risks and investment needs.

Business and IT alignment
An Australian bank's IT team utilised our IT operating model to strengthen the alignment between customer facing requirements and provision of IT services.

IT software refresh 
An Australian bank's IT team used value chain and corporate services consulting to understand key business requirements for rationalising a weak software application layers.

Business architecture and operating model blueprints
Australian banks and insurance companies have engaged us to provide business reference architecture (operating model) blueprints across each function enabling improvements in people engagement, operations excellence, customer centricity and financial outcomes. 

Risk culture 
An Australian bank invested in our risk culture material giving them the ability to assess their current risk culture, define a target state and the steps required to attain the future state; 

Risk management
An Australian wealth manager’s group operational risk management team used our services to facilitate the development of the enterprise operational risk profile in a structured and consistent manner, highlighting the key risks and items outside of acceptable risk appetite levels; Following this, an Australian bank engaged us to develop a risk and control framework, key risk indicators and risk culture capability maturity model.

• Data privacy board report
An Australian wealth management company asked us to write a board report demonstrating compliance with the Australian Privacy Act and its Australian Privacy Principles and the escalation process if a breach occurs.
Why Choose us
• Customer focused 
We listen to our clients and get to understand your needs, what problems you are trying to solve and provide a custom solution.

• Our differentiator 
We understand how businesses operate – to support business transformations, we’ve completed deep dive operating models for every function of businesses. We are an industry leader in designing operating models that explain what business functions do, how they do it and how they can do it better. These operating models strengthen people and business unit engagement, operations excellence, customer satisfaction and business growth.  

• Passionate 
We love our work and aim to deliver more than we are asked for.

• People skills 
Our abilities and structured approach to integrate strategy, planning and organisational change.

• Qualifications 
Our personnel are accredited in executive training courses from MIT and Australian Institute of Company Directors.

• Industry contributions 
Our personnel have completed industry research in strategic planning – published two books on strategic planning – provided training courses to professionals on governance, strategy, value management, risk management, resource optimisation and performance measurement.

• Competitive pricing 
Our pricing is very competitive against McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PWC.