Governance Architects
A management consulting company that provides strategy and planning, business design and transformation services

Welcome to Governance Architects 
Governance Architects is a boutique management consulting company that provides strategy and planning, business design and transformation services.

We tailor our services to solve your business problems. 

Watch our video that explains how we improve stakeholder value
through the use of custom strategy, operating model and capability model blueprints.​
Our services 
Strategy and planning
Business design
  • Growth strategies
  • Customer experience strategies
  • Business digital strategies
  • Operational strategies
  • People and culture strategies

  • Organisation design
  • Business model design
  • Operating model design
  • Business architecture
  • Service design
  • Capability design
  • Business case writing
  • Portfolio management
  • Program management
  • Project management

Common problems our services address
Our  strategy services address problems where:

  • No clarity exists of the desired target state and the roadmap to get there;
  • Digital strategy is not integrated with business strategy;
  • No clarity on business capability strengths, weaknesses and hot-spots at an enterprise or function level.

Our  business design services address problems where:

  • Weak performance in financials, customer satisfaction and operations exist;
  • Organisations need to improve how they create value and serve their customers;
  • Product, marketing, sales, retention and channel teams not working together to attract and retain customers;

Our transformation services address problems where:

  • No structured or holistic approach is taken to investment prioritisation;
  • Reports are not clear, concise or represented in a visual manner;
  • Programs are late, not delivering the expected outcomes or are over running budgets. 
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Financial Services experience
Recently we’ve developed custom blueprints of business strategies and 
30 X target operating models 
across the front and back office functions 
of banks and insurance companies. 

Custom blueprints are used: 
  • As a common mechanism for providing clarity, a common language and shared understanding across all functions and 
  • To help executives and team managers articulate and execute their strategy more effectively. 

Business function and team target operating model designs we have developed include:  product, marketing, sales, 
retention, channels, operations, finance, human resources, digital, ICT, strategy planning and change, legal,  security, risk, compliance
and business continuity. Operating model blueprints have supported these teams to fast track achievement of their goals and targets. 

  10 situations where you can use your custom blueprints:

  1. Strategy communications and reviews
  2. Planning and investment prioritisation by overlaying them with hotspots
  3. Organisational change
  4. Mergers and acquisitions 
  5. Organisation re-structures
  6. Engagement across departments 
  7. Aligning demand and supply of services from departments
  8. On-boarding of new staff 
  9. Architecture – providing the foundation for IT or enterprise architects
  10. Risk management – establishing the business context for risk assessments and business continuity planning

  What business problems could they help you address? 
  Share your problem with us as we may have a cost effective way to help you solve it and fast track your success.

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Government experience
We have experience in the civil justice, 
criminal justice and emergency management systems. 

Recently we’ve developed the business digital strategy 
for the NSW Department of Justice including 
5 X division level digital strategies   
10 X integrated strategic plans and 
6 X service models across:  

    1. Justice Services 
           - Anti-Discrimination Board 
           - Births Death and Marriages 
           - LawAccess
           - Trustee and Guardian
           - Victim Services
    2. Courts and Tribunal Services
    3. Corrective Services
    4. Juvenile Justice
    5. Office of Emergency Management

We worked collaboratively with each area to document their target state and strategy to achieve it through the perspectives of  customers, workforce, data and infrastructure. Each of the 10 X strategic plans contribute to the achievement of Premier, government and departmental desired outcomes. 

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